Yvonne has been an artist since she was four years old. “It has been such a blessing to me, I’ve always known what I was meant to do in life. There was never a question.” Yvonne has a Bachelor of Science degree from Sam Houston University in Huntsville, Texas, with a major in commercial art. She has been assistant art director of a large newspaper in the Hearst chain, staff artist for a contractor with the Department of Defense, and art director of an advertising agency. “For years I spent my time producing art for advertising and printing, and it supported me and my children, but I never felt the sense of accomplishment that I get from creating something of beauty for people to experience in their everyday lives. After doing tile murals for several years, I ran into an old client one day, and she said that every day she looked at the mural, it brought her joy. None of my commercial art clients ever said anything like that!” YY Designs has been in the business of bringing beauty into people’s lives for over 20 years and has art in homes and offices from Canada to Mexico.